Christina Ricci

  Christina Ricci is a famous American actress who started her career at an early age and established herself as a child star. She started her film career at the age of nine and though she never had any formal acting training she impressed everyone with her acting skills. Unlike many child actors who are unable to establish themselves in adult roles, Christina Ricci faced no such difficulty. Her first adult role at the age of 17 established her acting credibility and she went on to act in several large-budget films thereafter. She has performed on Broadway and has also acted in television serials and onstage as well. She has also tried her hand in directing movies. She is a self-confessed non-stop shopper and is known to have made several extravagant fashion purchases. But there is another side to Christina Ricci; she is the National Spokesperson for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), an American anti-sexual assault organization.
  Christina Ricci was born on 12 February 1980 in Santa Monica, California, to Sarah and Ralph Ricci. Her mother is a real estate agent and her father is a lawyer and therapist. She is the youngest of the four children of her parents.
  While she was a kid, her family moved to Montclaire, New Jersey and she studied at Edgemont Elementary School, Glenfield Middle School, Montclair High School and the Morristown-Beard School before leaving for the Professional Children’s School in New York. She never completed her schooling due to acting schedules.
  Christina Ricci was a natural actor and even without any training in acting she started featuring in commercials from an early age of six.
  In 1990, she became an established child actor after her debut film ‘Mermaids’ and it paved the way for her to get more substantial roles in later movies.
  She became famous after she acted the part of ‘Wednesday Addams’, a precocious child in ‘The Addams Family’ 1991.
  She followed up her success in a subsequent film ‘Addams Family Values’, released in 1993, and became something like a teen icon as well as a child actor who was in demand for films.
  Her first role as an adult actor was in the movie ‘The Ice Storm’, in 1997, which reinforced her credentials as an actor though she portrayed a negative role.
  A subsequent comedy movie film which brought her fame was ‘Buffalo ‘66’, in 199,8 and it strengthened her position as a good actor who is able to act in a range of roles.
  In 2001, Christina Ricci established herself as an actor who does not mind portraying bold scenes when she appeared in ‘Prozac Nation’.
  She did not limit herself to a single genre but accepted diverse roles and did not hesitate to accept dark roles. Her portrayal of ‘Selby’, a girlfriend of notorious serial killer in ‘Monster’ in 2003 earned her rave reviews from critics.
  She made her debut as a director in ‘The Speed Queen’ in 2004 wherein she also acted in the female lead role, a girlfriend of a motor car racer.
  In 2006, her role of a paramedic while acting in the capacity of a guest star in television serial ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was widely acclaimed.
  She made her Broadway debut as ‘Mandy’ in ‘Time Stands Still’ in 2009 established her expertise as a versatile actor at ease with various forms of acting.
  She has done voice-overs for a number of films; the latest of them was the animated film ‘The Smurfs 2’ in 2013, in which he gave voice to the character of ‘Vexy’.
  She resumed acting in 2014 only three months after delivering her first child and portrayed a murderer teacher who killed her parents in the movie ’Lizzie Borden Took an Ax’.
  Her latest film was a female lead in ‘Lizzie Borden Chronicles’ in 2015, a sequel of the earlier film on ‘Lizzie Borden’.
  Her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in ‘The Addams Family’ created ripples in the acting circles and made her a renowned and sought-for child actor.
  Christina Ricci’s portrayal of the character of girlfriend of a notorious female serial killer in the movie ‘Monster’ earned kudos for acting in a dark role convincingly.
  Her portrayal of a paramedic in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ earned her an ‘Emmy’ nomination in 2006 where she put in a guest appearance.
  She started dating actor Adam Goldberg in 2003 and though the relationship continued till 2007, they eventually split up. Thereafter, she dated Chris Evans, the Captain America star, but they split within a few months.
  She dated co-actor Owen Benjamin from 2008 after they met while acting in the movie ‘All’s Faire in Love’ and got engaged to him in following March. But the engagement was called off in June 2009.
  Christina Ricci met James Heerdegen while working in ‘Pan Am’ and dated him for some time before they got engaged in February 2013 and married on 26 October 2013. The couple had a baby boy on August 2014.
  According to Forbes, net worth of Christina Ricci as on 2015 is $18 million.
  She wore braces in her teeth at an early age and also suffered from anorexia but that did not deter her from becoming a great actor.
  She suffers from a botanophobia - a rare phobia in which persons fear plants and has admitted to being particularly afraid of house plants.
  She is fond of tattoos and have it on various parts of her body such as, shoulder, wrist, back, breast, hip and thigh.

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