I used to think the world was too big. The Heavens of the world I knew were so high that it was horrible to look at them! Tragedy has brought the whole of humanity together. Today We see that we have a World that fits on one side of the coin! And we are nobody! However, I also feel that we have in our hearts the Love that can resurrect the dead, the Love that we need to live today and for those around us, our distant loved ones. As much as the sunlight is needed today, the love we have for each other is just as important. My dear friends, poets and writers from all over the world! Today I invite you to write a work for "Sincere love, Preservation of Humanity, Security of the Planet" in 2-3 pages! We can prove to others that we can be an ointment to someone without knowing it, that Poets and Writers can save the whole universe, that Love can never be infected by any vius! Let us reflect that we want to see the whole of the Humanity without tears! And please, send your works to the e-mail address below: kitobdunyosi@mail.ru . I love you with all my heart! 
   Khosiyat RUSTAMOVA, Editor-in-Chief of "KITOB DUNYOSI", the Book World newspaper in Uzbekistan.